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Empower plant safety and productivity

Empower plant safety and productivity

Your workers operate in hazardous environments that are highly infused with flammable components. Although fossil fuel extraction is a necessity, maintaining safety, health and the environment is non-negotiable.

We understand how important it is to have mission critical communications that can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, noise, rain and toxic exposure. It’s why we ensure our equipment meets intrinsic safety requirements, FM and CAS and specific Class levels.

Improve field safety and productivity

Improve field safety and productivity

Our next generation communication solutions are vital for prospecting teams, especially those in remote and sensitive locales for exploration and extraction.

Send vital information, support in-field operations and keep connected with them, shore offices and overseas headquarters.

More than a line of communication, each field worker’s radio is their lifeline in hazardous areas. When you extend our always-available networks to the field, you improve safety and productivity.

Enhance operations with smart connectivity

Enhance operations with smart connectivity

At the heart of digital oilfields are advanced Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). They measure and control oil and gas low rates, line and wellhead pressure, pump operation status, tank levels and more.

RTUs automate production. They perform complex calculation tasks faster, hold larger local databases and control remote sites. Mission critical data via a digital LMR or LTE network supports multiple applications at these sites to keep workers safe, equipment running and production increasing.

Our solutions offered through our partnership on the RT-15 National Treasury tender award.


If you have a query, suggestion or want to know more about the innovative solutions we offer, we would love to hear from you. Our friendly and professional team will make sure you are helped as quickly as possible.

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