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Connected safety officer

Connected safety officer

From reacting and responding to predicting and preventing

A transformation is coming to public safety. Agencies need proven technology-driven solutions that can increase response efficiency and change the trajectory of a single moment while in the moment. Yet the key is to never distract an officer during a mission. Unlike citizens with consumer devices, officers often confront high stress situations and must stay focused throughout. The right information delivered at the right time in the right way can change the result. Give officers the power to stream video, access information and collaborate in real time so that they can operate safely and more efficiently in the field.

Connected fire fighter

Connected fire fighter

Intelligent technology sparks safer and faster fire response.

Imagine a world where critical information is shared at speed and inter-agency communications are seamless. We are focused on delivering collaborative, advanced technologies and services aligned to fire prevention, early fire detection and emergency response requirements.

Connected emergency medical services

Connected emergency medical services

Improving patient outcomes

When the lives of citizens are at stake, every second counts. Having the right information at the incident scene and on the way to the hospital can help maximise the golden hour and save lives.

By equipping emergency medical services first responders with collaborative solutions that let them stream video, access information and collaborate in real time while in the field, they will be able to make smarter decisions and ensure better patient outcomes.

Our solutions allows for integration with a wider ecosystem of portable devices.


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