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Empower mine safety and productivity

Two men wearing safety vests looking at a mine and talking

When man and machine work together in confined spaces like mines, it takes high levels of consistent and precise communications to ensure safe and efficient mining operations.

To maintain a safe working environment balanced with an efficient and profitable production plan, a mission-critical radio communications network is a pre-requisite. Without radio communications efficiency, safety and productivity are compromised.

Improve plant safety and productivity

Man wearing safety gear holding a clipboard and pen

The plant can be a highly hazardous and noisy environment making communications very difficult and inaudible. Clear communications are crucial in these noisy environments.

A mission critical radio communications system can mean the difference between an injury on duty or a highly productive plant. More than a line of communication, plant workers’ radios are their lifeline in these hazardous areas.

Enhance mining operations with intrinsically safe communications

Enhance mining operations with intrinsically safe communications

Escaping flammable gases such as methane are a risk in the mining industry. Communication is key to working effectively in such hostile and dangerous conditions and intrinsically radios are needed to keep miners safe particularly when explosives are used.

Threats from explosive gas or combustible dust in a mine is what your workers confront daily. Safe, reliable communication is absolutely critical in such dangerous environments. That’s where the power and performance of our intrinsically safe digital radio stands out.

It Is All About Automation, Efficiency & Productivity.


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