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Not just voice for radio communications.



If you need high capacity mission-critical voice communications, you need a Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) solution designed for high data throughput with a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) overlay.

TETRA will remain the core European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) open standard voice and basic data solution for some time to come. It’s a terrestrial digital mobile radio four-time slot 25kHz channel solution that can be used for communications systems as small as a single site, up to total extensive area coverage scalability for nationwide networks.

Internationally recognised LTE adds high-speed mobile data connectivity for those users requiring streaming video and other bandwidth-intensive information transfer needs. Whether you need either technologies or just one, our TETRA or LTE offerings enable the flexibility of a single network solution.

We deliver enhanced, essential capacity data communications with our TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS), which currently utilises a 50 kHz channel solution.  This capability offers a higher than basic data throughput with the capacity to meet most mobile data needs.

We have extensive experience in deploying both large and small, fully I-based TETRA solutions for customers in the public safety, mining, oil & gas and utility sectors. LTE for private networks awaits regulatory allocations in our region of operation.

Hytera TETRA Terminals


Ideal for vehicles, the Hytera MT680 Plus is the mobile radio of choice for TETRA users. It stands out for its proven reliability, easy operation and ruggedness, offering versatile operating modes to tackle all manner of applications.



You’ll find Hytera two-way radios in sports arenas, on construction sites, at events & conferences… in fact, you’ll find them in any location where critical communication is required. Discover their range of radio equipment above, and find out more about how they are built to industry standard to optimise compatibility, or use their advanced product selector to find the radios that are most suited to your communication needs.


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