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Secure Access Service Edge


Pronounced “sassy,” is a cloud-based architecture that delivers network and security services meant to protect users, applications, and data. This term was coined by Gartner in 2019 and has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the top aspirational security concepts of the current decade so far. Given that many users and applications no longer live and operate on a corporate network, access and security measures can’t depend on conventional hardware appliances in the corporate datacenter.


SASE promises to deliver the necessary networking and security capabilities in the form of cloud-delivered services. Done properly, a SASE model eliminates perimeter-based appliances and legacy solutions. Instead of delivering the traffic to an appliance for security, users connect to the SASE cloud service to safely access and use web services, applications, and data with the consistent enforcement of security policy.

Where is the “edge” in Secure Access Service Edge? - The “edge” in SASE refers to the cloud provider’s global systems that exist on their hardware (data centres and devices). Users access cloud services by logging in and authenticating their identities, from any location, and are passed through this “edge” into the cloud.



Allows for direct to net or direct-to-cloud access from anywhere for easy adoption of new digital business models.

Cost savings

Eliminates CapEx for on-premises infrastructure and provides lower, predictable OpEx due to its Security-as-a-Service model.

Reduced complexity

Consolidated services into a cloud-delivered model eliminates complex stack of legacy point solutions and simplifies operational effort.

Increased performance

Enhances and accelerates access to internet resources via a global network infrastructure optimized for low-latency, high-capacity, and high-availability.

Zero trust network access

Provides secure, contextual access to private apps in public/private clouds.

Threat protection

Stops cloud and web attacks such as cloud phishing, malware, ransomware, and malicious insiders.

Threat protection

Stops cloud and web attacks such as cloud phishing, malware, ransomware, and malicious insiders.

Data protection

Protects data everywhere it goes, inside and outside of the organization, including within public clouds as well as between company and person instances of cloud apps.


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