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Managed PBX Services

Hosted solutions are housed with your telecommunications service provider. You don’t need to buy, install and maintain the PBX equipment itself if you take this option. Rather your equipment is located in the telephone company’s exchange and you use it on a contract basis. It’s updated automatically, and is cost-effective, because you only pay for what you use.

A private cloud is the best option for companies who prefer to keep their communications infrastructure within their own technical environment. All the call cost savings and features of a hosted solution are still available, but you’ll need to buy the infrastructure and pay for updates and maintenance.

Financial institutions and large corporates usually prefer the cloud PBX option.

For Enterprise and Small Business.

Our solutions provide you with the following benefits:


Your business is liberated. Work your own way – wherever, whenever, however, with a unified, intuitive communications solution.


Provision, manage, and analyse your services with advanced fulfilment and analytics tools.


Our cloud-based systems are available globally without the cost and complexity of managing multiple regional solutions.


Integrate with various enterprise-enhancing applications readily available or developed in-house.

Empower your enterprise or smaller organisation with effective and unified communications

Cloud Voice as a Service

Telephonic communication remains one of the most important business tools available today. However, the need for applications and services that work seamlessly with voice technology drives the convergence model that brings data and voice together.

There are drivers that are leading to the integration of IP, analogue and mobile services, such as an increase in remote and telecommuting employees, the trend for employees to be always available and increased work pressures requiring instant decisions and more collaboration that is efficient in order to make informed decisions.

Altron Nexus Cloud Voice as a Service is a hosted solution, which uses a unique combination of best-in-class technologies to deliver innovative telephony to businesses over an IP service.

Cloud Voice as a Service is the answer and alternative to the technologically stagnant and expensive on premise phone system. Our solution is also known as Cloud/ Hosted PBX.

Some of the benefits of this solution are that it provides adaptability, scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency. It also provides the ability to keep up with the fast-paced technological changes and is not only secure but also reliable.

Cloud Voice as a Service replaces the traditional on premise PBX whether it be analogue or on-site IP PBX. Customers no longer have to buy, manage or maintain voice equipment as we provide them with the option to lease this service through our hosted platform, which sits off site in a secure location.   Customers no longer need to worry about power surges, lightning strikes, physical access and intrusions via the Internet as we provide the relevant security.

Some of the components that enable access to our Cloud Voice as a Service are a high-speed internet connection or a private last-mile link per site. Configuration of a dedicated Quality of Service class will be necessary to enable priority of voice traffic over data. This can be configured on an Altron Nexus Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), which will be installed at the customer site. In the case that the customer has their own last mile link from another service provider, we can still deliver the service but can not guarantee quality of service over the link.


Cloud Multi-Channel Contact Centre

The Altron Nexus Hosted Contact Centre solution can be set up rapidly and scaled quickly to meet the demands of the customer’s growing business.

This product is based on the established hosted voice service but is extended with call centre features to deliver a powerful Hosted Contact Centre solution.

The PBX’s full range of features is enhanced with automatic call distribution to agents, priority queues, outbound dialler and call recording. The integrated QueueMetrics application provides all you need for call centre and queue management.

Call centre application offers real-time monitoring (wallboard) and analytics reporting for agent and contact centre performance. Our Hosted Contact Centre offers comprehensive reporting on agents activities and efficiencies. Up to 150 different metrics are available including monitoring of all queues (in- or outbound), agent activities and web-based wallboards.

Our solutions can also offer a real-time, multi-channel contact centre service designed to be elegantly integrated into a customer’s web service and back-end systems.

This solution enables instant messaging and voice chat, (video channels to follow) for customer engagement via a web browser where chat context is securely passed through and displayed to the agent and finally saved to the transcript.

Dashboard statistics are passed to Queuemetrics for extended reporting.

Cloud Video Conferencing

The Altron Nexus Cloud Video Conferencing Service is a meeting solution for team collaboration that speeds alignment across your enterprise, allowing for better-informed decisions, faster responses and deeper trust.


Managed PBX / Telephony

Hosted solutions are housed with your telecommunications service provider. You don’t need to buy, install and maintain the PBX equipment itself if you take this option.

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