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The SDNx is a Altron Nexus Managed SD-WAN, FW, LAN and/or WLAN as a Service. Altron Nexus is the Tier 1 Carrier and owner of the deployment and reseller via other Managed Services Providers (MSP) or directly to end customers. The product is a cloud-based offering that is configured via a web-based portal (NCE-Campus Service Orchestrator) and is fully managed and supported by Altron Nexus.
The SDNx could include any of the following product service options SD-WAN, Firewall as a Service, LAN and WLAN.

Successfully delivered several of the largest and most cutting-edge broadband networks running multiple services on national, provincial and municipal levels.

We offer SD-WAN and MPLS connectivity to our customers by running our services over the latest optical transmission technologies which guarantees high performance.


Each device required needs an “MSP Cloud Management Subscription License” to be added and managed on the NCE platform for the duration of the customer contract.

Each device needs to include an “Endpoint Plug and Play” license by default, which provides the Plug-and-Play Zero Touch Provisioning feature.

We implement various point-to-point and point-to-multi-point wireless technologies to provide carrier-grade backhaul and last mile connectivity.


Each SDNx service is based on the selected equipment for the final solution proposal and can be sold separately or in combination of any other product variant depending on the customer requirement.

We have implemented secure and encrypted networks for our customers in the public safety, mining and industrial sectors through the use of DMR and TETRA radio technologies.

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