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Not just voice for radio communications.

MT680 Plus Tetra Mobile

Hytera TETRA Terminals

MT680 Plus is a new generation enhanced TETRA mobile radio with up to 10 W RF power. It adopts advanced noise-cancelling and echo-elimination technologies, presenting superior voice quality even in noisy environment.

Key Features

  • Support DMO gateway (optional)
  • DMO trunking (optional)
  • Built-in BT 4.0 module
  • Hands-free call in full duplex mode
  • DMO full band call(806-870MHz)
  • Echo elimination technology
  • Digital noise-cancelling technology
  • Flexible Installation
    Support standard mount, desktop mount, remote mount
  • The radio is available in basic version, advanced version, professional version, and anti-tamper version



  • 320-380MHz
  • 380-430MHZ
  • 405-475MHZ
  • 806-870MHZ

Transmitter Power

  • 10W


  • TMO-6000
  • DMO-4000

Dust and water rating:

Dash Mount: IP54 Per IEC60529

Remote Mount: Remote Control Head, IP67 Per IEC60529; Transceiver, IP54 Per IEC60529


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