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Not just voice for radio communications.

TC610 Analog Portable

Harsh, noisy and dusty working conditions in megaproject and construction sites may lower your efficiency and productivity by smudging the radio or shadowing the talk. HYT TC-610 portable radio is the option customized for users in these industries, as its superior dust & water protection performance helps to seal out dust and water, and thus prolong radio life.

Key Features

  • Dust/water protection class IP66
  • Powerful audio and wide communication range
  • Reliable mechanical design
    HYT proprietary battery latch mechanism is applied to TC-610 radios. It delivers secure connection between battery and radio, no matter how long the radio has been in use.
    Innovative industrial design
    Employ fashionable yellow rubber housing, making the radio more comfortable to handle



  • UHF: 440-470 MHz 450-470 MHz 470-490 MHz
  • VHF: 136-174 MHz

Transmitter Power

  • 5W/2W


  • 16 Channels

Battery Life (analogue – duty cycle 5/5/90l)

  • 9.0 hours 1200mAh (Standard)
  • 14.0 hours 2000mAh (Optional)

Dust and water rating

  • IP66

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